Shipping Room Supplies – Back to Basics

In business, efficiency equals profitability, so maintaining the correct inventory of shipping room supplies can have a direct impact on your bottom line.  Getting your shipping room up to speed can be a daunting proposal, and maintaining smooth operations within your shipping department is not always automatic.  Thankfully, packaging suppliers stand ready to advise your More»

What Can Kraft Paper Do For Your Company?

Most people remember Kraft paper from their school days: large sheets of soft brown paper that could be used in any number of ways for art projects, demonstrations and illustrations. Affordable and adaptable, Kraft paper is highly useful in many shipping department applications. Available as 100% virgin or 100% recycled material, Kraft paper can help More»


Several considerations drive packaging decisions for manufacturers, wholesalers and their retail partners.  Requirements vary across industries and individual product lines, so flexible solutions are required, to meet diverse situational standards.  Contractors provide services and packaging supplies to meet assorted needs, from comprehensive turnkey strategies, to materials-only requests from in-house shipping departments. Primary and secondary layers More»

Essential Packaging Supplies for Your Shipping Department

The simplest way to determine which packaging supplies are needed in your shipping department is to track each product through the steps taken on its way out the door. By evaluating end line products, you can identify any protective measures needed to keep products intact during shipping, while maintaining accurate inventory records. Shipping department inefficiencies More»


Using a heavy wooden crate to ship a pair of contact lenses would obviously be a ludicrous waste of money, but you may be surprised at how other shipping inefficiencies add up over time. Many companies are unaware of just how much wasteful spending occurs within their shipping department. Identifying the right packaging supplies for More»